Haphazardly Homesteading: Vol 2

The orchids have died. For a grocery store plant, they lasted pretty long! I do wish the blooms would've stuck around longer, but such is life. I got more time out of them than I originally thought I would, so it's still a win. The coneflower plant in the pink pot is taking over! It's … Continue reading Haphazardly Homesteading: Vol 2

St. Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga

"I hold that every poor man, every vagrant, every beggar is Christ carrying his cross. And as Christ, we must love and help him. We must treat him as a brother, a human being like ourselves. If we were to start a campaign of love for the poor and homeless, we would, in a short time, do away with depressing scenes of begging, children sleeping in doorways and women with babies in their arms fainting in our streets." -St. Alberto Hurtado, S.J.