Tea with Tolkien Podcast

Head on over to Tea with Tolkien today and take a listen to her latest podcast about Flannery O'Connor, featuring me! Kaitlyn is my best friend and a phenomenal woman and podcast host. We talk Flannery, Middle-Earth, and a little bit about my writings. Plus, Kaitlyn's adorable son makes a guest appearance at the beginning. … Continue reading Tea with Tolkien Podcast

9 More Essential Podcasts for Catholic Feminists

Annoying Know-It-All Tracy Bradley talks about everything she knows, from book reviews to deep theological discussions to family life, and everything in between. Tune in to find out exactly what she knows and maybe even learn something new. It’s so refreshing to hear a woman speak on a variety of subjects and show off her … Continue reading 9 More Essential Podcasts for Catholic Feminists